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DG Micro Braids Nylon

Micro braids are super fun and easy to work with. They are made in a special machine at the DG factory using DG Nylon hair. Micro Braids are available in a variety of thickness like 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and Jumbo 3mm. For very fine braids go with 1mm-1.5mm braids. For thicker hair styles the 2mm and 3mm braids are fun to work with. Each package (aka hank or skein) is 1oz/28g in weight and 36 inch/92cm length. It's common to cut the braids in shorter sections to make them cover more area. 

Needle Sizes:

1mm-1.5mm use size #3 Needles

2mm-3mm use size #1 Needles.

Braids are thicker than working with regular hair. You may need to soften the head with a heating pad or start the hole with a thumb tac to help the needles last longer.

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