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Japanese Straight Saran

Saran doll hair is commonly used for restorations. The fiber is very fine and has a waxy. sometimes oily feel. This is an anti-static product from the factory that coats the fiber. Saran separates easily into plugs making is very easy to reroot with, and has a lovely natural matte sheen. It cannot hold a long term style or curl without hold products being used. Some customizers use hair spray, hair gel, or diluted craft glue to set the style.   


36 inch/92cm can be cut in half before rerooting for most dolls, or left long for specialty hair styles or tall dolls.
Melting Point 180 degrees F°/87 degrees C°

Can be styled with hot water and ice methods, ie Boil Wash Boil Perm

How much do I need for one reroot?
(Chart is based on cutting 36 inch hank IN HALF before rerooting)

QTY 1oz
-2 My Little Ponies
- Barbie
- Integrity/Poppy Parker
- Most 12 inch fashion dolls

QTY 2oz
- Monster High 10”
- Ever After High 10”
- Descendants
- Hasbro Jem

QTY 3oz
- Bratz
- Tonner
- Gene
- Hairdorables
- Rainbow High
- Little Miss No Name

QTY 4oz
- Monster High 17”
- Ever After High 17”
-Crissy (w/o ponytail)

Qty 5oz
- Disney Animator
- Blythe

QTY 6oz
- Crissy with ponytail
- My Child

Japanese Saran Golden Ticket Doll Planet Hair