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Doll Planet Hair New Website

Doll Planet Hair New Website

Your home to shop for doll hair and rerooting kits. Revive, restyle, and reimagine your dolls with our premium doll hair and rerooting kits. Transform your dolls with ease. Doll hair and tools to give your doll the perfect makeover. Doll Planet Hair has Saran, and also Nylon in many varieties, curly, straight, braids, s-curl, crimped & wefts. Learning to reroot is fun and easy. Learn Rerooting with free video tutorials on YouTube. The Doll Planet provides the supplies and teaches customizers to DIY. Many of our customers offer rerooting or doll repair commissions services. You can solicit these services in our Facebook group "The Doll Planet Rerooters & Wig Makers".

Celebrating 8 Years

October 2023 celebrates 8 years doing business as Doll Planet Hair. A special thanks to each of you that have been part of our journey along these 8 years. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on changes we are making, and for items we are adding to our store. New items will be added almost every single day Monday-Friday. Look at the recently added section near the top of our new store. Ask us questions 24/7 and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for being part of The Doll Planet Hair community of doll customizers.🥰


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